Young Carers & Young Adult Carers Service Updates

Support and new referrals

Young Carers Bucks is still accepting new referrals so if you feel that an individual would benefit from support from our Young Carers team, please fill out a referral form for us to process.  

Our teams will be working throughout the summer and are here to support you with any queries or concerns that you may have. Please do not hesitate to get into contact with our Young Carers team on 0300 777 2722.

Summer Plans

Although our summer will look different to previous years, we are still putting on a range of activities for our young carers via Zoom.

We have organised some virtual skill-based activities for our young adult carers, such as first aid courses, and for our young carers we have some fun Zoom sessions planned, such as sessions with a fitness coach or learning how to create Tik-Tok videos.

Please look out for invites via email or text message. If you need to update your contact details, please call the Young Carers team on 0300 777 2722.

We are also starting to put plans together to meet small groups of young carers in public parks so that we can deliver some specific targeted work around the caring role. Although, we are currently at the planning stage, we are hoping that we can have this ready to deliver during the summer holidays.

We are slowly starting to meet our carers in outside open spaces such as gardens, parks or going for a socially distanced walk. We are ensuring that safety is our key priority. The staff have loved meeting some our carers again and it has made a real difference in our carers day to day routine. We will continue to do this where possible.

Reaching Out project

Young Carers Bucks have started a new project called the ‘reaching out project’. Post-lockdown we have recognised that young carers and their families, for many reasons, struggle to reintegrate back into a strange, socially distancing community.

This project aims to help individuals recognise their fears, agree a plan to challenge these and set realistic goals all through the creative form of photography. 

Resources for young people and families

Throughout lockdown we put together lots of activites and resources for children, young people and families. These ranges from; arts and crafts and activities to do in the garden, to resources on looking after your mental health and wellbeing. 

You can still check these out: Resources for Young People and Families.

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