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Your donations will help us continue our vital work in supporting unpaid carers in Buckinghamshire, making a difference to their lives.

To make a donation, please click on the JustGiving button below.

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£10 will buy tea and coffee for several adult carers support groups.


£15 will allow a young carer to have a few carefree hours to have fun and relax.


£20 will pay for dinner, fruit & soft drinks for 20+ young carers at their club night.


£50 will fund a day out for adult carers to have a break and enjoy themselves.


£100 will fund an activity trip for a small group of young carers to have a break.

Other ways you can donate to Carers Bucks

Bank Transfer

To make a donation via bank transfer, please email us.

Buckinghamshire Lottery

You can support Carers Bucks by taking part in the Buckinghamshire Lottery. For every £1 ticket you buy, Carers Bucks will get 60p.

Leave A Legacy

You can leave a gift in your will for Carers Bucks. If you would like to do this, please contact us.

Want to put on an event or take part in a challenge in aid of Carers Bucks? Contact the Fundraising Team on 0300 777 2722