The Carers Bucks hospital team works on three sites: Ruth Marriott is the Carers Lounge Coordinator based in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, and Jane Hansford at Wycombe General Hospital and Amersham Hospital. A growing team of volunteers also reaches out to carers in the hospitals offering information, advice and emotional support.

Carers Bucks has a dedicated Carers’ Lounge at Stoke Mandeville Hospital to support carers visiting the hospital. Our Carers Lounge Co-ordinator meets with carers in all areas of the hospital and in different caring roles, providing face to face support and advice. Carers Bucks also work with the clinical staff at the hospitals to identify new carers who can benefit from our service. The Carers Lounge is located on Ward 9, 2nd Floor in Stoke Mandeville hospital.

"Carers Bucks has an office on our ward and I feel we benefit from their presence tremendously. It is a unique service offering support and advice to the relatives and carers of our patients. So often the families of our patients can be overlooked whilst all focus is on the patient… but Carers Bucks recognise that having a loved one in hospital can be a difficult and unsettling time, and are there to offer practical information and guidance. The Carers Bucks Hospital Coordinator is very friendly and approachable… and is able to offer valuable time and attention, and a quiet place for families away from the hustle and bustle of the ward."
Ward 9 Sister
Stoke Mandeville Hospital

For further information about the Carers Lounge, please contact Carers Bucks on 0300 777 2722 or our Carers Lounge Co-ordinator Ruth Marriott on 07496 724637 (Mon-Thurs).