Planning for an Emergency

Carers often worry about what will happen if they are unable to carry out their caring role, e.g. due to a medical emergency. Carers Bucks can support you to put things in place to help ensure that there is help for the person you care for and that people are aware of the situation.

Emergency Plan

Having an emergency plan in place can be helpful in highlighting what steps need to be taken if you are unable to care.

The emergency plan helps you to think about:

  • Who could be an emergency contact (please ensure that you ask the person first)
  • How you support the person you care for and what their needs are including any medication they need to take
  • How long are you able to leave the person
  • Do you already have someone that could help out in an emergency?
  • What support may be able to be put in place to help you

Having a plan has given many carers some reassurance about what steps can be taken in an emergency. Once you have a plan, you may wish to share this with the people you have identified as the emergency contacts, family and friends so that they are also aware of what to do or who to contact.

To help you create an emergency plan, we have an emergency plan template that you can download

If you have any questions or would like some guidance in completing an emergency plan – please get in touch with us on 0300 777 2722.

ICE – In Case of Emergency

Many of us have mobile phones now and the South Central Ambulance Service advise that we all add an ‘ICE’ number into our phone. ICE stands for In Case of Emergency and the emergency services will now check people’s phone to see if they have entered an ICE contact number. Your ICE contact is someone that you have asked and nominated to be a contact for you in emergency situations (please check with the person first so that they agree to this.) Some mobile and smart phones already have an ICE setting that you can add a name and number to.

Further Information

For further information, read our Being Prepared for an Emergency document which details what to do in life-threatening emergency situations, the paperwork to consider having in place in case of emergency, being prepared for an Emergency Hospital Admission, and more.

Are you caring for someone?

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