When Your Caring Role Ends

For many carers, the time when your life changes and you are no longer a carer can be the most difficult.

When a caring role ends through bereavement, there can be a range of practical issues to face as well as the feelings of loss and bereavement. These can include:

  • financial issues
  • paying for funeral costs
  • how to deal with the practical matters of a death
  • lack of confidence and feelings of isolation
  • returning to work

Carers Bucks will still consider you a carer even though the person you care for has moved into residential care – it is just that your caring role has changed. You are still able to access our services, support groups and training.

If you have been bereaved, Carers Bucks will continue to support you for 12 months after the bereavement, during which time our staff will be available to offer advice, information and emotional support.

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