Carers Bucks receives the Carers Trust Excellence for Carers Award

Carers Bucks is delighted to have achieved the Carers Trust Excellence for Carers Award.

The award is a Carers Trust standard for best practice in services, advice and information for unpaid carers. Carers Bucks was rigorously assessed for its service, as well as the quality of its leadership, staff, internal processes and engagement with key local partners and stakeholders.

Charities achieving the Carers Trust standard must demonstrate quality of service to unpaid carers across ten key areas including outcomes and impact, carer involvement, and information, advice and support.

As well as signalling the quality of its services for unpaid carers, the award means Carers Bucks’ partners and stakeholders can be confident they are partnering with an organisation that has best practice and sustainability hard-wired into its organisational DNA.

Helen Oliver, Quality Assurance and Improvement Manager at Carers Trust, said: “We’re delighted to be able to present the Excellence for Carers award to Carers Bucks. The passion and commitment of their teams to provide excellent services for the benefit of unpaid carers really shone through. We were able to hear firsthand from carers about the positive impact the services provided and the life-changing difference accessing the support has made. We very much look forward to working with them moving forwards as their services continue to thrive.”