Tips To Stay Safe In Hot Weather

Staying safe in the hot weather is important as it can pose a real health risk for many – especially older people, babies/very young children and anyone with breathing problems or other health conditions. 

Stay hydrated

It’s very important to stay well hydrated in the hot weather, both for you and the person that you care for. Good hydration can help with the following:

  • lessening the likelihood of urinary tract infections
  • enabling people with diabetes to replace fluids
  • avoiding low blood pressure
  • preventing falls
  • maintaining good cognitive functions (e.g. thinking and communicating)
  • wound healing
  • preventing constipation

Taking on sufficient fluids can also help you avoid headaches, dizziness, tiredness and confusion.

Ways to stay hydrated include:

  • drinking water and other fluids such as weak squash and fruit tea throughout the day and at mealtimes
  • having water available to drink and within easy reach
  • eating fruits and vegetables with a high water content, such as oranges and cucumber
  • having ice lollies (especially fruit-based)

If you or the person you care for does not produce any urine in a day, medical advice should be sought. This can be a symptom of an infection and, if left untreated, may develop into Sepsis, a life-threatening condition. You are more at risk of getting an infection if you have a weakened immune system, which may be due to a long-term condition such as diabetes, COPD, heart disease, or if you have a catheter, or if you are having chemotherapy.

To check whether you and the person you care for are adequately hydrated, use the hydration chart below.

Are you caring for someone?

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