COVID-19 Information and Advice

At Carers Bucks we are constantly reviewing our service delivery in line with Government guidelines. Throughout the pandemic we have been hosting many virtual support groups and activities but we have also been meeting carers face to face whenever we have been able to do so.

Whilst our staff are actively planning a return to a more ‘normal’ service this year, we also have to be realistic and therefore will continue to be prepared to change our schedules at short notice, in line with any new recommendations and/or formal restrictions.

Please have a look at our Workshops and Information Support Groups programme for 2022. We will let you know in advance if we have to make any changes to the programme.

As always we would encourage you to check that your Carers Emergency Plan is up to date and that you have your Carers Emergency Card stored safely in a purse or wallet. If you have not yet filled in a Carers Emergency Plan, see our Planning for an Emergency page where you can find an Emergency Plan template and also our “Being Prepared for an Emergency” document.

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