Services We Offer

All our services are free to young adult carers registered with Young Adult Carers Bucks.

If you are not registered with us, don’t worry this is also free of charge.

Social Activities

Some young adult carers have very limited access to social activities as a result of their caring role. So, we offer activities and outings to the young adult carers who need it most. Activities vary and have included; trips out for food or to the local bowling alleys.

We never charge for any of our activities so that all of our young adult carers have equal access to our services.

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Life Skills Sessions

Life Skills Sessions

We believe that a young person with a caring responsibility has the same right to life choices as their peers. Caring for a family member should not reduce life opportunities, so we aim to provide life skills sessions that can be used in the future.

Previously, we have worked with organisations such as Bucks Adult learning.

One-To-One Support

We have identified that some young adult carers need more intensive support around their caring role.

Our support workers will identify what support is required and deliver activities around this in a friendly setting.

One To One YAC

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