The Services We Offer

The Services We Offer

The support we provide to each young carer is tailored to their individual needs. As a result, this support may change throughout the young carer’s time at Young Carers Bucks.

Club nights

Young carers are invited to termly club nights based on Key Stages in Aylesbury and Wycombe.

Club nights are a fun, social opportunity where young carers can meet up in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. They have access to a range of craft and cooking activities which have been designed by support workers. Young carers may also have access to games, computers, table tennis, football, pool etc. A meal is provided for all young carers in Aylesbury and High Wycombe. Most importantly we have support workers and volunteers available throughout the night for young carers to talk to if they wish.

We also work closely with YC2 in Buckingham and young carers from the Buckingham area are able to attend the YC2 club nights. These club nights take place on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month (1st Friday is for the 13+ age group and the 3rd Friday is for the young carers).

Targeted support

We provide small support groups for young carers who are in similar situations. The groups provides an opportunity for young carers to gain more understanding of their caring role, provide them with a safe space to open up and to help them deal with difficult situations. Group sessions incorporate fun activities and help to forge friendships. Examples of groups we run are:

  • Sibshop – for those caring for a sibling
  • Fused – for those caring for someone with mental health or addition issues
  • Phizz – for those caring for someone with a physical disability

Workshops are carefully adapted to suit the needs of the young carers for example we may run a sibs workshop that focuses on living with a sibling who has Autism. We are continuously working to design new targeted support groups.

Group activities

Some young carers have very limited access to social activities as a result of their caring role, so during schools holidays we offer various activities and outings to the young carers who need it most. Examples of these are; a day of arts and crafts, a visit to Wendover Woods, a trip to an Alpaca farm or occasionally further afield trips such as a day at the seaside or a safari park. For our young carers in KS3 there may be overnight stays and short breaks available. We never charge for any of our activities so that all of our young carers have equal access to our services.

One-to-one work

Some of the young carers we support need more intensive support around their caring role. Our support workers will identify what support is required and deliver activities around this in a friendly setting.

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